Pastinya korang tidak terlepas daripada terkena bug di mana korang tidak mendapat Renown selepas tamatnya sesebuah match dalam Rainbow Six Siege.


Seorang Redditor, TheRabidPigeon telah menghubungi Ubisoft mengenai masalah ini, dan mereka telah mengatakan mereka sedang menyiasat isu ini. Di pihak Ubisoft, renown tersebut tetap ditambah ke dalam account pemain, namun, ia hanyalah bug di mana renown tersebut tidak kelihatan di skrin pemain.

Bermakna, pemain akan mendapat semula renown yang ‘hilang’ ini.

Memetik kata-kata TheRabidPigeon:

I just contacted Ubisoft support with this question:

“Me and plenty of other individuals have encountered the Synchronizing Data bug in Siege, where after a game, all the players connected to the server do not get any renown and are shown a message in the bottom left corner of the screen instead. This message is “Please Wait… Synchronizing Data.” This is absolutely something that should have been fixed by now. It has been occurring to almost every single player for the last two weeks. This bug happens more than every other game for me and has made it basically impossible to earn renown. Is there a way to fix this issue? It seems like a server-side bug and it should really have been patched by now.”
Here is an image of our conversation.

TL;DR: All lost renown/XP because of the Synchronizing Data bug will be given to you later.


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