Adakah mode Battle Royale PUBG sudah basi?

Developer PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) menyatakan hasrat mereka untuk menambah game mode selain mode Battle Royale (yang mempopularkan mereka) dan mode zombie.

Di dalam forum rasmi, mereka menyatakan mereka sedang mencuba War Mode – sebuah game mode yang menyerupai game mode deathmatch di dalam game shooter yang lain!

Hello all,

We’re working on a new experiment with War Mode on custom servers. It’s currently in a very early stages of development, so if you’re able to access custom games, we’re eager to have you play and let us know what you think! We’re looking into bringing War Mode to live servers as an Event Mode (but it’ll likely see changes between now and then).

Custom games and servers are still limited for now, but we intend to release them more widely at some point in the coming months. We’ll let you know when it’s ready.

As always, thanks for playing! Find more details on War Mode below:

War Mode

War Mode is a death match type game mode that allows respawning. As soon as you jump into the game, the safe area (White Zone) will immediately be set; if you die you will be respawned at certain time intervals.

The goal is to obtain 80 points and the default is a 4 player squad
The match ends if an individual or a team gets to the target score first or if time runs out. BP rewards will be given out when the match ends
Ranking will be determined based on scores earned
DBNO: + 1 point
Revive: + 1 point
Team Kill or Team DBNO: -5 point
Kill: + 3 points

Respawn method: player reenters the match area via respawn airplane
Default respawn interval: 60 seconds
Main weapon setting for default respawn: SMG provided as main weapon for close quarter battles

Care Package
The care package aircraft will fly over every 60 seconds. The composition of the air drop is the same as in the regular game.

Safe Zone
By default, the safe zone is static. This (and many other settings) can be tweaked in custom games.

Korang akan bermula dengan sepucuk SMG, bertempur, mati dan respawn! Care package dan safe zone akan berlangsung semasa permainan ini. Pasukan pertama yang mengumpul 80 mata akan menang. Tipikal bagi mode deathmatch dan semestinya “lebih mesra” bagi gamer yang kurang mahir menembak di dalam game.

Buat masa ini, War Mode sedang diuji di custom server yang hanya boleh dimainkan oleh PUBG Partners. War Mode dirancang akan dibuka ke gamers umum melalui acara-acara Events secara berkala.

Timbul pula satu persoalan. War Mode ini mengingatkan kitorang kepada mode 50 vs 50 yang diadakan di dalam Fortnite Battle Royale. Eh, siapa tiru siapa pulak ni?


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